About Us

People With a Mission to Educate

When we decided to get together for this project, we decided to do it with a mission: to pass on what all of us know to people looking for any possible information regarding diamonds. Our mission is to give you the best possible knowledge you can use when buying or selling your diamonds. We do this without payment, because we simply want to share our secrets regarding the sector. All three of us have an immense passion for precious gemstones and fine jewelry, it’s our biggest materialistic passion. All of us absolutely adore such fine things, and in this website we will teach you all that we know.

Experts in the Diamond Field

We didn’t just decide to get together on a project we love, we all have experience in the sector. We all work as diamond graders for the same company, that’s how we got to know each other. In the decades we have worked there, a ton of information was made available to us. We know everything about the diamond economy, fashion, rarity, pricing, grading, certification, resale value, and much more! Simply put, we know everything there is to know!

Decades of Combined Knowledge

Our decades of combined knowledge about diamonds make us a force to be reckoned with. All three of us are certified diamond grades who have graduated from the Gemological Institute Of America and have graded and held every kind of diamond you can imagine. We have in-depth expertise about fancy colored diamonds, small diamonds, big diamonds, color grading, clarity grading and much more!

We Really Do Care

Our will to do this is not because we are paid, nobody pays us. Once big companies pay you and are behind a project like this, you know it just doesn’t feel right. Even if it sounds ridiculous to you, it’s the truth: we do what we do for free.