IGI Uncovered: A Global Leader in Gemology

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IGI, or the International Gemological Institute, is a diamond grading organization that was founded in Antwerp, Belgium in 1975. Today, IGI has offices in major diamond and jewelry centers around the world, including New York, Mumbai, Bangkok, and Hong Kong.

IGI is known for its expertise in diamond grading and certification, as well as its commitment to scientific research and innovation in the field of gemology. The organization evaluates diamonds based on the 4Cs – carat weight, color, clarity, and cut – as well as additional criteria such as fluorescence and symmetry.

A Globally Trusted Company

Like other diamond grading organizations, IGI uses a grading scale to assess the quality of a diamond. The organization’s grading scale ranges from Excellent to Poor for cut, and from Flawless to Included for clarity.

In addition to diamond grading and certification, IGI also offers a range of other services, including gemstone identification, jewelry appraisal, and education and training for professionals in the jewelry industry.

One of the unique features of IGI is its emphasis on technological innovation in diamond grading. The organization uses a range of advanced instruments and techniques, such as laser scanning and digital photography, to provide accurate and precise assessments of diamonds and other gemstones.

IGI’s reputation for accuracy and expertise in diamond grading has made it a popular choice for both consumers and professionals in the jewelry industry. Diamonds that are graded and certified by IGI are recognized and valued by buyers and sellers around the world, which can make them easier to sell and more valuable over time.

Overall, IGI is a respected and trusted organization in the field of diamond grading and certification, and its services are used by many buyers and sellers in the diamond and jewelry industry.

The History Of IGI

The International Gemological Institute, or IGI, is a diamond grading and certification organization that was founded in Antwerp, Belgium in 1975. The organization was established by Marcel Tolkowsky, a well-known diamond cutter and author of the book “Diamond Design,” who was also a member of the Tolkowsky family, which has a long history in the diamond industry.

When IGI was first established, its main focus was on providing diamond grading and certification services to the diamond trade. The organization quickly gained a reputation for its expertise in diamond grading and its commitment to accuracy and consistency in its grading standards.

Over the years, IGI has expanded its operations to include other gemstones, such as colored gemstones and pearls, as well as jewelry appraisal and education services. Today, IGI has offices in 18 countries around the world and is one of the largest and most respected gemological laboratories in the industry.

Throughout its history, IGI has played an important role in the development of the diamond industry. The organization has been at the forefront of new developments in diamond technology and has worked to establish industry-wide standards for diamond grading and certification. IGI has also been a leader in the development of ethical and sustainable practices in the diamond industry, working to ensure that diamonds are mined and traded in a responsible and sustainable manner.

Despite its growth and expansion, IGI has remained committed to its core values of accuracy, consistency, and integrity in diamond grading and certification. The organization’s reputation for excellence and its commitment to the highest standards of professionalism have helped to establish it as one of the most trusted and respected names in the diamond industry.