Antwerp Diamond Shopping: A Tax-free Experience

antwerp diamond jewelry shopping near central station

Diamonds — A perfect gift for that loved one and the moment can be made even more precious given the Diamonds are from Antwerp, the oldest diamond center in Europe. Trading gems and stones since 1450’s to this day, Antwerp stands as one of the world’s largest diamond trading centers. In matter of fact, a very surprising amount which is 80% of the world’s diamonds pass through Antwerp at some point.

The city’s heart has the diamond industry bustling with hundreds of shops, with extremely tight security. And the travelers are especially attracted to the jewellery mounted with diamonds and do tend to visit the museum of diamonds especially set apart for the tourists. So if you happen to be in Antwerp, and have this inclining to buy natural, or loose diamonds, keep in mind the following key factors while buying diamonds for your beloved one or for yourself. We have written this as a basic guide, but we will go into more detail in later posts, as this is a hub worth describing in detail, especially with the very large amount of tourists that pass there.


Locating the Shops in Antwerp

The majority of the shops are located near the central station around Vestingstraat, Appelmansstraat, Keyserlei and Lange Herentalsestraat. You can easily go browse through them, as they are all in close proximity and this way you can easily compare the carat, cut and clarity of the diamonds. If you find the right jeweller, you will be able to buy whatever you might desire, or have it custom-made, for a price you will most likely not find anywhere else. This is because of how highly competitive the Antwerp jewelry and precious gemstone market is. Fortunately, this is great for the consumers, as people would gladly sell to you for the lowest possible price if you haggle a bit.

It might even be the “cheapest” jewelry district in the world, not because of the quality of the jewelry (it is mostly very high-grade) but because of how cheap the prices are in relation to the quality you are getting, especially when compared to places like London and New York, but also small towns without a lot of competition, thus forcing the clients who wish to buy locally to spend a greater amount of money due to lack of choice.

Inspecting a Diamond

Try to Buy GIA Certified Diamonds, Preferably

Make sure you buy GIA certified diamonds and if more concerned go through their background on being conflict free and ethically sourced. Our shop guarantees this all making your search even more easy. One stop shop and get your desired diamonds certified by Gemological Institute of America. To learn more about GIA, please visit their website by clicking here. In future posts, we will go into far deeper detail why GIA certification is the best and trustworthy certificate of any diamond grading laboratory in the world. Under this line, we have included the logo of GIA. It is very rare to find smaller stones set with many others in the jewel that are all GIA certified, this is because of the cost involved, making it uneconomical for customers to do so. When shopping for diamonds in Antwerp or anywhere else, we only recommend such certification for 0.30 carats and up, such as the type that goes on an engagement ring, which is one of Antwerp’s specialties.
gia diamonds certification logo


Check for the business Hours

The regular business hours are from 10 am to 6 pm in weekdays. Although some shops close for the entire weekend, a majority of the diamond jewelry shops are actually open on Sundays, making it very convenient for people who usually don’t have time to visit because of work. In matter of fact, Sunday is one of the most popular, if not the most popular day for shopping in this part of Antwerp. Making appointments with the dealers depends on this schedule, so inquire about this before going for shopping. Most of the shops can be visited easily without any need for an appointment, just drop in and have a look if you want.

Search For Qualified Jewellers

Make sure you buy your diamonds from qualified jewelers, as their reputation matters a lot while buying the diamonds. You do your research online by checking the company’s name or the degree they hold. By having an idea of the Gemological training they have you can know their credibility. You will also find out by looking up the companies, if people are content with the service being offered.

Tax Refunds Are Possible, Ask About Them

Tax Free Global Refund Logo

And here comes a treat for the reader’s eyes or rather for the Non EU residents/travelers to Antwerp, you guys will get a value added tax refund on purchases of $136 or more. So hurry and rush to buy the diamonds and that too without the penalty of VAT. You will get to avail this amazing offer at most of the diamond stores in Antwerp. They issue you Tax Refund forms upon the purchase of your diamonds. You can claim your VAT back when you bring your purchases back home. Please note if you are coming for a larger purchase however, that larger purchases in cash will not be possible. There is a limit of up to €3000 that is able to be accepted in cash.

That pretty much sums up the little guide of the things you ought to know before shopping for diamonds at Antwerp. Please also note however that people who live inside of the European Union are not able to shop tax-free. This offer can only be made to people traveling from outside of the European Union, who wish to export it back to their country of origin. You now know where to head to buy the best diamonds that are GIA certified and an added bonus buying from us would refund you your VAT on the purchased diamonds. So enjoy the romance of our century old Antwerp diamonds with your beloved one! We hope you have enjoyed our guide with helpful tips.

Last updated: 9 September, 2018