VS2 Diamonds: Decoding “Very Slightly Included 2” Clarity

Learn More About VS2 Clarity

VS2 clarity is a diamond grading term that refers to the amount and visibility of inclusions in a diamond. Inclusions are natural imperfections or defects that can be found within a diamond.

In diamonds, clarity is graded on a scale ranging from FL (flawless) to I3 (included). VS2 clarity falls under the Very Slightly Included (VS) category, which is the third-highest clarity grade after FL and IF (internally flawless).

Overall, VS2 Diamonds Are Quite Rare

VS2 diamonds have very small inclusions that are difficult to see even with a 10x magnification loupe. These inclusions are typically only visible under close examination by a trained gemologist.

VS2 diamonds are considered to be of good quality and value. They offer a good balance between the rarity and price of a diamond.

In Short, They Have Inclusions, But These Are Quite Small

pecifically for VS2 diamonds, the inclusions are minor and often located in less conspicuous areas of the stone, such as near the girdle or beneath the crown facets. This strategic positioning often makes them difficult to detect without the aid of magnification. Moreover, these inclusions are generally small in size, ensuring they do not disrupt the diamond’s overall brilliance and fire.

One of the most significant advantages of VS2 diamonds is their cost-effectiveness. Because they have inclusions that are imperceptible to the unaided eye, they offer a visual appeal very close to that of higher clarity grades but at a more affordable price point. This makes VS2 diamonds a favorite among buyers who prioritize value without compromising on the diamond’s visual beauty.

However, it’s essential to note that while most inclusions in VS2 diamonds are invisible to the naked eye, their presence can sometimes affect the diamond’s internal light reflection and refraction. This means that while the inclusions themselves might not be visible, they might slightly impact the diamond’s overall sparkle. Nevertheless, this effect is typically negligible, especially when compared to diamonds of lower clarity grades.

It’s Not All Black And White

In terms of cut, color, and carat weight, VS2 diamonds can range widely. They can be found in a variety of cuts, including round, princess, oval, and cushion, as well as a range of colors from D (colorless) to M (light yellow). The carat weight of a VS2 diamond can also vary, from small sizes of less than 0.5 carats to larger sizes of over 2 carats.

Overall, VS2 clarity is a good quality for a diamond and offers a good value for the price. It is a popular choice for diamond jewelry, such as engagement rings and earrings, as it provides a good balance of beauty and affordability.

Here is an example of a VS2 clarity diamond:

7 Great Things About VS2 Diamonds:

  1. VS2 diamonds are high in quality. They’re considered to possess superior clarity, with inclusions slightly larger and more visible than those of VS1 under 10x magnification. Yet, they maintain a high level of sparkle and brilliance.
  2. They’re more affordable than higher clarity grades. When compared to VVS1 or VVS2, which are viewed as the pinnacle of clarity, VS2 diamonds usually come at a lower price, offering significant quality and value.
  3. VS2 gems have commendable resale value. Their recognition for quality often translates into a good resale value. Thus, investing in a VS2 diamond can promise a considerable return if sold later.
  4. Durability is a characteristic of VS2 diamonds. Inclusions can be weak points, making gems more prone to damage. With fewer inclusions, VS2 diamonds are typically more resilient than their lower-quality counterparts.
  5. They present a balanced price-to-quality ratio. Offering clarity comparable to higher grades like VVS1 or VVS2 but at a lesser cost, they stand out as a choice for those desiring quality without breaking the bank.
  6. While not as scarce as VVS1 or VVS2, VS2 diamonds are still fairly rare, symbolizing premium clarity. Owning one can be seen as a mark of luxury, indicating access to a superior stone.
  7. Aesthetically, VS2 diamonds are appealing. Even with slightly more inclusions than VS1, their clarity and pristine look make them a delight to the beholder, enhancing the allure of any jewelry. Some inclusions might even be less discernible to the naked eye compared to other grades.